The Ten Commandments of doing a creative project in Liverpool

1.  Thou shalt run out of money at least once.

2. Thou shalt initially receive indifference from established cultural institutions even though they began in exactly the same way.

3. Thou shalt rent space in an abandoned building.

4. Thou shalt receive indifference from the local media until such a time as ye have received support from the national media.

5. Thou shalt be overcome with despair and consider moving to London at least once.

6. Thou shalt covet thy neighbour’s culture (Manchester)

7. Thou shalt receive generous public funding, but lo, it shalt be axed soon after.

8. Thou shalt have to have another job.

9. Thou shalt conduct all meetings in the pub and ideas shall be sketched on beer mats.

10. Thou shalt do it for the love, and create beautiful things, but ye shall only receive recognition twenty years after the fact, long after you have left this godforsaken town and ceased to care.

By Kenn Taylor