Liverpool, Barfly.

Red forms flit across the stage-Afro, asymmetric and pigtails respectively. Just ‘HELLO!’ then bonkers juddering squealing beeping banging yelling, pink printed circuit boards on fire, infectious punk pop oomph. Pause for breath, amp fiddle, Asymmetric: ‘HELLO! WE ARE POLYSICS FROM TOKYO JAPAN’, he flexes a muscle, ‘GIVE ME FIRE! GIVE ME FIRE!’ and we give him fire, because we justfuckingwellhavetoo. Red flashes leave the stage, crouch in corner, and back: ‘OH YEAH, OH YEAH, BUY MERCHANDISE!’ Yes, we shall leader. Then ‘de de de de de My My My Sharona…’ Kichigai panku jun, methinks.

By Kenn Taylor