Carl Cox

Carl Cox is a man who doesn’t really need an introduction. But we’ll give him one anyway. One of the world’s most famous DJs and producers, he helped bring about the acid house revolution in the UK, has won innumerable ‘DJ of the year’ accolades, had top 30 singles and several big-selling mix albums, operated several record labels and played at some of the world’s biggest raves.

Amongst his many, many achievements, Carl held a residency at Cream during its 90s heyday. He returns to the Wolstenholme Square venue this Saturday to headline the launch of Circus’ new record label. Cox remembers his days as at Cream fondly.

“Every time I played Liverpool, I had the Courtyard, and I decided I wanted to do a residency,” he says. “And it was always about the music and the crowd for me, and it was where I played some of my best sets. And that was something I was always very proud about.”

Cox talks quickly, eloquently and confidently. This perhaps an outside indicator of the drive that has seen him do so much for dance music over the years. The gig at Circus is one of his first in the UK since returning from working on his fourth album in Australia, and he’s keen to get back on the live circuit.

“I’m looking forward to some good things with this next album,” he says. “So I’m taking my time with it, I’ve got to be happy with what I’ve done, and you know, perform it when I’m done, in the Carl Cox and Friends and the Vital Elements shows. Rather than me just doing my DJing, it will be incorporated into what I do. I won’t be able to do it in all cases, but it will be set up to do it in certain places which allow me to have a stage with the artists on board as well.”

It’s been three years since Cox last played the city, and he’s really glad to be back: “My life has been a roller-coaster, and sometimes I just have to get off it and just think ‘right, I haven’t been here for years, I need to come back.’ Over the last few years, Ibiza has been a massive staple diet for me, and people come to Ibiza from Manchester, Liverpool and surrounding areas on the Easyjet flights, and they’re coming to see me there because I’ve haven’t been able to play at any of these towns. So for me it’s going to be a monumental gig coming back playing at Circus, I’m just going to nail it down shut. Three hours of Carl Cox in the Courtyard, it’s going to be absolute heaven.”

By Kenn Taylor

Friday 2nd May,

Circus Records Launch Party,


Wolstenholme Square,



£25 plus booking fee

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