Liverpool Music Week 2005

Condensed damned shebang: 9 days, 8 venues, 150 performances, top hats, Norwegians, a free buffet, all in the city which gave the world Sonia. Still, singer Magz slides from sweet to samba and back again before some matching aprons and thrash metal on piano-accordion from a.P.A.t.T, and the apocalyptic, entertaining damnation of Multi Purpose Chemical.  The V.C.s demonstrate excellent ElectroSurfRock and we’re treated to muthafucking-brilliant jerky punkage from 28 Costumes. Ambulance make a lot of noise – mostly long winded and pretentious –  while Lovecraft sing of trees falling in love with each other. Former Miss America’s synth-folk veers between brilliance and blandness and The Silhouettes party like its 1969.  Scouse. Future. Bang.

By Kenn Taylor

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