The Last Ever Munkyfest 2006

Kinglsey, nr Frodsham, Cheshire.

In a little known corner of North West England, surrounded by rolling fields and the towering chimneys of chemical works there is a farm and on that farm is the Lord and protector of all DIY music festivals. Beginning 8 years ago in someone’s back garden it now reaches its pinnacle. But alas, it is also the last ever Munkyfest.

Musical fun on the two hotch-potch stages varies from Honey, Ride Me A Goat’s concentrated, confused and gripping jazzrock in aprons, Get Chevyed’s Yank, infected, Scouse tinged jokepunk that bounces about beer bongs and the Jamaican bobsleigh team, the duo of National School who play squeaky keyed witty genius and Dave from Stoke doing a 40 minute drum solo which is actually REALLY FUCKING GOOD.

We lose the ‘Musical Bingo’ – ah if only ‘Ebenezer Goode’ had come up we could have won a DVD about Margaret Thatcher. But no matter, as we sit on a tractor tyre and watch people mingle over Crepes and booze and football a local brass band play the theme from the A-Team and all is good in the world.

Voo play a sadly shortened set, but their knack for powerful harmonic grooves is still evident. Gareth S. Brown fills proceedings as day turns to night with some majestic ambient sounds before Hot Club De Paris pull us up and down on their mad lyrics, madder time signatures. All finished off by the last ever gig by polished pop punks Tokyo Adventures.

There’s time left for more drink and a shuffle in the rave tent before we sit by the dying embers of the crackling camp fire and think. Munkyfest is no more but we’ve seen the light. Go forth, set up your own music festival in your own town. It will be good.

By Kenn Taylor

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