The Seal Cub Clubbing Club

That’s either the best or worst band name for years. But putting that aside, The Seal Cub Clubbing Club are still an exciting prospect. The strained yet alluring vocals and unique lyrics of frontman Nik Glover form a centre around which the rest of the group wrap a tightly woven net of intense prog-pop that slowly penetrates you and takes over, prompting critics to mention Beck, Radiohead and Sparklehorse in favourable terms.

Forming through groups of friends in Wirral, their first gig was a drunken party on a local beach, but they soon became noted across the UK for their powerful live shows. The key aim for Nik is to try and create moods and atmospheres rather than just songs, “Tom Waits, whose one of my biggest influences of these days, does the same thing, he just gets across, in his later stuff, how to tell a story just by the tone of his voice. It doesn’t necessarily matter what he says, it’s about the way he says it.”

Their album, recorded in France, is due out this summer. But for Nik, this is just the beginning, “I think everyone aims for uniqueness, but the test of it is if you ever get to a certain stage in life were you’re completely happy with what you’re doing in terms of being a musician, then you’re probably in a really shit band. If we can keep on being energetic and we can keep on constantly changing our music, then I’d be really happy to do it for ever.”  Amen

By Kenn Taylor

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