Cansei De Ser Sexy

@ Korova, Liverpool

CSS have found themselves darlings of the hip music press over the last few months, but we can’t help wondering if they would get half the attention they do if instead of being largely comprised of sexy Brazilian art-school chicks, they were made up from, ooh lets say a bunch of chunky fellahs from Scunthorpe.

The futurist shoe box that is Korova is absolutely rammed with people and anticipation. So we wait. And wait. And wait. And again those pangs of HYPE sound in our mind. But then everything dims and all six of Cansei De Ser Sexy wander on and take up battle stations on the tiny stage. Frontwoman Luisa Lovefoxx announces that she “had to take a really big shit” and “you probably felt the ground shake.” We like them more already and they begin pumping out ‘CSS Suxx’ and immediately release all the pent up energy in the audience.

And CSS are just as up for it. The players concentrate on pushing their energy into the instruments, thrashing out their tightly controlled, beeping beat-pop, while Lovefoxx acts as the channel between audience and band, from the start engaging in broken-English banter and throwing herself with vigour around the stage.

The crowd respond by creating nothing less than a disco mosh-pit, clambering to touch Lovefoxx or just getting lost in the writhing mass. By the time of the absolutely class ‘Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above’ the energy being generated is likely visible from space and CSS announce for the umpteenth time “This is or last song” but the crown refuse to go so they plough on, chucking out a suitably messy and hell yeah, even sexy, version of ‘La Bamba’ before the lights go on.

CSS are not just glossy-mag hot-shit of the month stars. They are one of the best party bands around. Despite the attention they still do a show like a new band playing their mates house party. They mean it. They’re prepared to pay for it in sweat and so are we.

By Kenn Taylor